ECI 2017v (2 – 4 de enero 2017): Beauty Technology

Katia Fabiola Canepa Vega
Postdoc Associate, MIT Media Lab, Estados Unidos

Encuentro Científico Internacional 2017 de verano
2 – 3 de enero, Teatro de la UNI; 4 de enero URP, CONIDA, IPEN, INICTEL-UNI
Programa completo del ECI 2017 de verano hacer clic aqui

Inspired by fashion, technology and magic, I create unconventional devices around the body: Beauty Technology. I envisioned cosmetics as a technological integration to the body, as a new functionality to the body, and as an extension of human’s capabilities. I am a Postdoc Associate at MIT Media Lab (USA). I got my PhD and Master Degree in Computer Science at PUC-Rio (Brazil). I was a researcher in the Fine Arts Department at HKBU (Hong Kong). My undergraduate studies were done in Computer Science at UNMSM (Peru). I was also the co-founder of Soluciones Racionales (IBM – Peru). I have led teams and collaborated with different researchers, artists and engineers in order to publish at top-tier computer science conferences and journals including CHI, TEI, IUI and IEEE Computer. In addition, my projects are exhibited at several galleries and festivals such as Barbican of London, Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, Ars Electronica, Music Tech Festival in Berlin and Bellagio in Las Vegas. My work has been featured by New Scientist, Wired, Discovery, CNN and awarded by Ars Electronica, TEI, Ubimedia Competition, among others. Recently, Springer has published our book: “Beauty Technology: Designing Seamless Interfaces for Wearable Computing”.



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