International Scientific Meeting (ECI)

Twice a year in Lima, Peru: Winter ECI (30 July – 2 August) and Summer ECI (2 – 4 January)


Non presenters


At the International Scientific Meeting  (ECI) researchers around the world participate, creating bounds with the international scientific community and opening communication between world research centers and institutions.

Lima hostes the ECI  whose main objectives are:

To establish cooperation bounds between world research centers and Peruvian institutions in order to set projects for Peru.

Promote the recovering of talents to make them participate in national development.

Sensitize the public about the importance of science and technology for development and to improve the quality of life.

The ECI is co-organized by the most important peruvian science and technology institutions (universities, institutions and associations) and the ECI International Scientific Technological Council.

Agricultural Science
Environmental Science
Biological Science
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
Material science
Health science
Social and Education sciences
Informatics and communication sciences
Earth sciences
Space and Atmospheric sciences
Management of science, technology and innovation
Radio Science
Engineering and Energy
Amazons Investigations