Conferencia internacional: Communication by Visible Light: LiFi

Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
Conferencia internacional

Centro de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones (CTIC)
Puerta 5, estación Honorio Delgado del Metropolitano
Día: martes 11 de abril del 2017
Hora: 13:30 – 14:00
+30 min de preguntas

«Communication by Visible Light: LiFi»

Luc Chassagne, Profesor de la Universidad Paris-Saclay/Universidad de Versalles

Director del laboratorio LISV


The LiFi, or Light-Fidelity, a technology born from optical telecommunications, concerns the transmission of information by modulating a visible light source. Standardized since 2011, and strongly related to the intensive deployment of LEDs, the potential performance makes it an excellent means of communication complementary to radiofrequency technologies. Applications, both internal to the buildings where the LEDs are becoming standards, and external urban environment are multiple: broadcasting multimedia, extension of the Internet, various interconnections for example. The automotive field of application is focused in this presentation.

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